About Biblibio and Review Policy

Biblibio is not a review blog. What does that mean? It means that the humble figure behind the veil sees the purpose of this blog as discussing a life in books in general, not only through reviews (though obviously somewhat). Bibli - book. Bio - life. This is a life in letters.

This blog may be used as a hub for information about the women in translation project and WITMonth, which I founded and manage. Further information and ideas can be found at my twitter account. Feel free to email any thoughts or discussions to biblibio [at] gmail [dot] com, though note that I do not check that account daily.

My literary interests span world literature, science fiction, historical fiction, fantasy, contemporary fiction, historical nonfiction, scientific nonfiction, feminist literature, and YA/children's literature. I'll pretty much read anything other than explicit horror, though I'm also not a huge fan of pure thrillers, mysteries, or romance. I am not currently soliciting books for review due to limited time/resources to commit to reviewing them within a reasonable time-frame.

In my day-to-day life, you can find me at the lab.


  1. Hi there, are you planning to run women in translation month again in 2016? I'm trying to put a list together of various challenges and would be happy to include it

    1. Quiet as this blog has been of late, yes, I am in all likelihood going to host WITMonth in 2016 as well (and it will almost positively be in August again)! I expect to announce and discuss the more specific goals at a later stage, but the gist is there. Thank you for your interest and support!


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